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Make the most of the sunshine this summer with Smartsun

An intelligent UV wristband, Smartsun will change colour depending on whether or not you need to reapply sun protection – before you get that nasty burn.

Perfect for kids and adults alike whether you’re on holiday, at the beach or enjoying outdoor activities and sports, Smartsun allows you to enjoy the warm weather by indicating the optimum time to top up your SPF.

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Three color modes...

  • Yellow


  • Beige

    Reapply suncream

  • Pink

    Stay out of the sun

How to use the Smartsun wristband

UV rays are good for our skin – in small doses. Smartsun is the discreet, no-fuss and fool-proof way to make sure you’re always wearing the right amount of sun protection.

To use your wristband, simply put in on first thing in the morning, and apply suncream to both your body and the band – even when reapplying.

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S-afe for all the family
M-easures radiation
A-ccurate UV sensors
R-eliable and single-use
T-imes sun cream reapplication

S-kin protection
U-V monitor
N-o fuss!

Please note that Smartsun does not offer any SPF protection and should always be used with sun cream.

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Order now through amazon.co.uk - £4.99 for 5 bands